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Employers Pay Health Insurance for Maids in Malaysia
Ngày đăng: 04/05/2011 - Lượt xem: 1099
Kuala Lumpur, Jan 1 (PTI) Foreign labourers, including Indians, employed in Malaysia as plantations workers and house maids will now be entitled to a medical in here.

With the new ruling that takes effect today, all foreign workers must be covered under two insurance schemes: workmen''s compensation insurance that is paid by employers to cover occupational-related diseases and accidents, and medical insurance for non-occupational diseases and injuries that is paid by foreign workers, except for maids and those in plantations.

Medical insurance for maids and plantation workers will be paid by their employer. The rest of the 1.8 million registered foreign workers must pay for the policy themselves, Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai told the New Straits Times yesterday.

It will cost each foreign worker RM120 per year (about 1600 rupees), or RM10 per month, in premiums for the RM10,000 coverage for treatment and hospitalisation in government hospitals.

Liow said this would resolve some outstanding issues, especially the increasing amount of unpaid hospital bills owed by foreign workers.

There are more than three million foreign workers.
Of the 1.8 million registered ones, only 75 per cent are covered by the workmen''s compensation scheme.

As compensation payouts for occupational injury and death in the Malaysian schemes are below those of neighbouring countries, Liow said the nation''s image as an employer of foreign labour was at a disadvantage.

"Secondly, we face an increasing amount of unpaid hospital bills, which increases the burden of healthcare costs on the people."
He said foreign workers owed RM64 million in healthcare bills between 2005 and 2009, of which 19 per cent was for care in government hospitals.

To ease this problem, he said, the government had amended the workmen''s compensation regulation and imposed mandatory medical insurance on foreign workers. The amendments will be tabled in Parliament soon.

Liow said 17 insurance companies had applied to participate in the medical insurance scheme, but the ministry was opening it to all insurance companies.

The ministry, he said, would work with Home Affairs Ministry, Human Resources Ministry, Immigration Department and insurance companies to carry out the scheme

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