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Manpower export dipping
Ngày đăng: 05/05/2011 - Lượt xem: 1045

Early shoring up called for

The parliamentary committee on planning ministry expressed its concern over dwindling volume of manpower export and a drop in earning from remittances by overseas Bangladeshi workers. Manpower export has declined by 20 percent compared to the level of September, 2010. As many as 41,220 migrant workers returned home after job losses. The list of returnees is only lengthening without commensurate breaking of any new ground in terms of either rehabilitating them or sending out fresh hands.

Most countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia are coming out of the effects of worldwide recession. But this is yet to positively impact on demand generation in those countries for importing manpower, especially in the construction and service sectors. Against this backdrop, the manpower and expatriate welfare ministry faced the dual challenge of stemming the tide of job losses, shortening of contract periods or the tendency on the part of the employers not to renew service contract on the one hand and of exploring new markets for manpower export on the other. We were given to understand that both the tasks are being undertaken but seemingly without much of a success.

The standing committee has blamed flawed policies of the expatriate welfare ministry and the laid-back attitude of our missions for the declining trends. Of particular significance is the sharp criticism made of the performance of the expatriate welfare and overseas employment ministry. Especially significant is the pointer made to overseas visits by ministers and other government functionaries which have been drawing a blank.

Along with damage control, let us concentrate on a massive skill development program based on analysis of the requirements, potential or real, of manpower in importing countries. Furthermore, we will have to cut down on the cut-throat cost of obtaining work permit and the associated travel. In this context regulatory steps are due with arrangements for bank loan on easy terms.


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