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A delegation of Japanese Embassy visits NIBELC Hanoi
Ngày đăng: 27/02/2014 - Lượt xem: 2190

On the 21st of February, 2014 NIBELC honored to welcome The First Secretary Tsuruya Yoko and the delegation of  Japanese Embassy in Vietnam at NIBELC Hanoi branch office.

At the meeting, Tsuruya Yoko expressed her pleasure with the more and more closed and tightened partnerships between Vietnam and Japan in general, and among the enterprises of two countries’ in private. She also congratulated the successes NIBELC had achieved through the past years, sent thousands of trainees to Japan for study that contributed in the development of two countries’ economies and partnerships.     

                    Anh 1.JPG

                The First Secretary Tsuruya Yoko -and the delegation  of Japanese Embassy in Vietnam at the meeting with NIBELC Board of Management

The delegation said that Japan Ministry of Labor, Health and Benefits would like to get opinions and comments of Japan trainee programs from the big trainee supply companies of Vietnam included NIBELC  for reference of its improvement plan. NIBELC Board of Management warmly welcomed the delegation and contributed its opinions in all aspects of the program such as time of trainee receipt, vocational fields, trainee’s life… NIBELC expressed its expectation of getting further interests from Japanese Government and Ministry of Labor, Health and Benefit in order to create better conditions in life and study in Japan for the trainee.

The meeting worked out well in hopes of substantial improvements that the two Governments would make for the program of Japan skilled trainee and open up a new step for Vietnamese enterprises of dispatching and supplying trainees to Japan.

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