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                                                COMPANY OVERVIEW

International Manpower and Construction JSC (NIBELC) is a state-owned company, established in 1968 and transformed to Joint-Stock Company in 2005. NIBELC has a group member companies including:

1. INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER AND CONSTRUCTION JSC., (NIBELC): International manpower contracting & foreign training andoverseasstudy services. Specializing inHeavy equipmentsupply; Earthworksfoundation; Projectservices; manpower supply and management, full packaged

2. INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER CONTRACTOR JOINT STOCK COMPANY (IMCJ): Specializing in Heavy equipment supply; Earthworks foundation; Project services; International manpower contracting & foreign training and overseas study services.

3. 6879 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS CO. LTD.,(QUARRIES 6879): specializing in Quarries exploitation and supplying raw materials (Earth-sand-stones-ready mixed concrete-asphalts)...;

4. INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT AND MECHANICAL JSC.,(IDCJ): specializing in Construction, Mechanical - Technical, Infrastructure development;

5. INTERNATIONAL VOCATIONAL SCHOOL (IVS): Specializing on development and orientation to the training model associated with practicing in industry of nursing, hospitality and construction techniques. Also specializing in training and dispatching trainees to development countries such as EU, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea ...;

6. GOLDEN DRAGON HOTEL: Specializing in Hospitality services (hotel, restaurant, bar...) & associated with training programs in hospitality industry.

7. NIBELC MANPOWER KFT: Specializing in Civil, Industrial – infrastructural construction projects, Manpower solution: Vietnamese manpower supply and Housing – Catering & Management services Door to Door

8. NIBELC GERMANY GmbH: Specializing in Civil, industrial-infrastructural construction projects, oil and gas projects; Laborsupply and management; import and export; International vocationaltraining –Overseasstudy.

9. NIBELC MANPOWER SRL–ROMANIA: Specializing in Civil, Industrial-infrastructural construction projects, oil and gas projects; Labor supply and management, import and export;

10. NIBELC MANPOWER sp. z o.o. - POLAND: Specializing in Civil, Industrial - infrastructural construction projects, oil and gas projects; Labor supply and management, import and export;

           NIBELC, therefore, operates in 6 main industries:
  • International vocational training;
  • Labor export and management, Manpower contracting;
  •  Quarries exploitation, Heavy equipments and construction materials supply;
  • Mechanical/infrastructure/ transportation works and project services;
  • Construction included project design & management; industrial construction project; civil construction project;
  • Petro-chemical and nuclear power plants.

NIBELC has Manpower Export License No.: 331/LDTBXH-GP (License renewed on 24th October, 2012). By implementing the social and working policy, in the last 40 years, NIBELC always follows the guidance of Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and has had a lot of contributions for the society. Besides, with over 15 years in vocational training and manpower exporting, NIBELC already supplied thousands of Vietnamese for the international projects all over the world, which brings benefits to the labors and contributes to the nation development. With the advantages of location and infrastructure, NIBELC has  training capacity of over 2000 trainees per year (included on-the-job training). The basic training fields are: Construction and Mechanical technicians; Heavy equipment operators; Manpower for service sectors; Foreign languages …

Currently, our Ru Con stone quarry (Ha Tinh province) has already been exploited in March 2013 and planned to get 3 million tons target achievement handing over to customer in the period of 2014 to May 2016 with all size of stones from crushed stone size 0.2cm – 1cm to 1,000 kg-3,000 kg. This quarry supplies batching plant and asphalt to local projects as well.

NIBELC has also been a contractor in domestic manpower contracting, mechanical and infrastructure construction and project service. We has been executing many projects of infrastructure projects ranging from expressways, dams, bridges, tunnels, commercial complexes, residential apartments, hospitals, ect. as well as been leasing heavy machines, equipments to our local and overseas construction projects and clients’ worldwide; supplying catering services for domestic construction project. NIBELC is now executing the project of manpower sub-contracting for Samsung Corporation at Son Duong, Vung Ang, Ha Tinh. We are expanding to specialize further  in manpower subcontracting by setting associated plans of training and management to perform some specific fields of manpower subcontracting in construction diving – mechanical welding – high-tech pipe assembly.

The strong relationship built through the years with the various multi-national clients helps provide us with successes in doing business, being more professional in manners, working ethnics, gaining the clients’ respect in the multi-national cultures. This has led the company to adopt a very successful advanced system of work administration and implementation of projects worldwide.

With the firm background of customers’ trust and partners’ support together with the dedicated skilled staffs and continuous efforts, NIBELC strongly believes that we are able to maintain and strengthen our reputation of a leading and trustworthy partner in the services supply and construction market as well as a professional manpower contractor in Vietnam and all over the world.

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Registered Name:

            International  Manpower and Construction JSC. (NIBELC)

 Company Registered Number: 2700186378

 Date of Registration: 

  •             1st Registration: 1968
  •             9th Registration: December 13th , 2017

Charter Capital: VND 30,000,000,000

Capital contributed to the member companies: VND 200,000,000,000

Deposit from labor exporting (NIBELC): VND 1,000,000,000

Deposit from labor exporting(IMCJ): VND 1,000,000,000

P.O: 4th Floor, Rainbow Building, Van Quan - Yen Phuc New Urban, Van Quan, Ha Dong, Hanoi

Germany Office: Otto-Nagel-Straße 135, 12683 Berlin, Germany


NIBELC: http://nibelc.com.vn/
IMCJ: http://imcj.vn/
IVS: http://ivs.edu.vn/
Golden Dragon Hotel: http://www.goldendragon.vn/
NIBELC Germany GmbH: http://nibelcgmbh.de/ 


Head Quarter Office            Km 10, National Road 1A, Gia Tran, Gia Vien Dist., Ninh Binh, Vietnam

                                               Tel: (+84) 303868231

                                                Email: nguyenphan@nibelcgroup.vn

                                                Website: http://nibelc.com.vn

Hanoi Branch Office             4th Floor, Rainbow Building, Van Quan New Urban Area,

                                                 Ha Dong Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam

                                                 Tel: (04) 33113686/ 33113688

                                                 Fax: (04) 33113669

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International Manpower and Construction ., JSC (NIBELC)

Head Office: National Road 1A, Km 10 Ninh Binh - Ha Noi, Gia Tran, Gia Vien, Ninh Binh.
Hanoi Branch Office:4th Floor, Rainbow Building, New Urban Van Quan, Ha Dong, Hanoi.
Telephone: (84 - 24) 33113 686;     (84 - 24) 33113 688           
Email: nguyenphan@nibelcgroup.vn      Website: www.nibelc.com.vn