International Manpower and Construction Joint Stock Company (NIBELC), has a license of sending Vietnamese workers to work overseas according to contracts No. 1019/LDTBXH-GP, issued and changed on March 22nd 2018.Recruiting 64 welders, mechanics working in the shipyard in Poland, with the following standards
Recruiting chefs/managers working in the restaurants and hotels of Qatar Airways (2th time) Opportunity to work in restaurants, hotels, and stores of 7-star Airline Qatar Airways - Traditional partner of Nibelc Group since 2016, they have announced to recruit the 2nd time in 2021.
Mr. Pham Ngoc Chu is a Vietnamese entrepreneur - representing the ambition and aspiration of the young generation. Mr. Pham Ngoc Chu is the Chairman of Directors of Manpower Contractor Kft, Nibelc Property Kft and the Vietnam Business Association in Hungary - Permanent Member of the Hungarian National Olympic Committee (In Hungary, the Olympic Committee is the most powerful authority in sport, under the direct leadership of the MOB International Olympic Committee).
As a country with a developing economy and excellent living environment, Hungary attracts thousands of workers who want to have a decent job and a modern living environment.
On the morning of June 16th and 18th at the Hanoi Office, Nibelc Group had a training session to improve the knowledge and professional skills for recruitment staff.
In June 2021 and early July 2021, a large number of employees of Nibelc Group reached safety and started working in Hungary.
In June and July 2021, hundred employees of Nibelc Group departed and started working in Hungary.On the morning of July 1 2021, nearly 20 employees were at Nibelc's office in Hanoi, where the company's officer took laborers to be examined and tested for covid. Officers also advised laborers carefully about isolation as well as manners when working in Hungary, then went to the airport for exit procedures.
Following the flights to Hungary and Poland, on the evening of June 24, NIBELC's labor group completed the procedure to start the 2-year journey in Hungary.
Together with trading, overseas study and training, manpower supply is considered as the VietMC-NIBELC’s keypoint. VietMC-NIBELC always attaches importance to and implement the Vietnam Government’s policies on encouraging, supporting in sending Vietnamese labors abroad for working, contribution to creating jobs, reducing unemployment rate, particularly in the rural and remote areas
We supply skilled manpower for so many projects all over the world
On the morning of June 16th and 18th at the Hanoi Office, Nibelc Group had a training session to improve the knowledge and professional skills for recruitment staff.
Organizing summer tour for employees of Nibelc Group Companies in 2021 After stressful working days, Company organized a trip for all employees to take care of spiritual life and motivate more employees at work.
Being received support of Ministry of labour Algeria, International manpower and construction JSC (NIBELC) and GBC corporation have recruited and trained almost 110 candidates for 2 training courses of construction engineering in Constantine in 2015. All graduated trainees have been received and assessed well about skills as well as morality at work.
25/02/2016, NIBELC has an honor to be received Johoku syndication for visitation and work. This business trip aims to research training quality as well as NIBELC's facilities to complete promptly the receiving trainees project in 2016.
20th February 2016, International Manpower and Construction., JSC organized farewell party for trainees going to study in Japan. Under being received by FCIP syndication, 13 trainees will go to study at Phu Sy vocational school before going to work officially at Japanese company.
17th February, International manpower and construction., JSC (NIBELC) organized entrance examination of course 3 - food industry. After passing theoretical part and directly interview part with Japanese representative, 18 candidates were successfully elected from 35 candidates applying. Those candidates would be trained at NIBELC's Japanese language centre in Phu Tho medical college.

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