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The NIBELC super cup 2014
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In order to create sports movement which has a great influence on health-enhancing physical activities, learning exchange and fasten good work relationships of Son Duong Project's staffs in Ha Tinh, in the last days of 2014, NIBELC Group decided to hold the NIBELC super cup 2014. Hoping that the NIBELC super cup 2014 will be the premise and a new playground which is held annually for all staffs of company.

Outstanding players were nominated from company's departments to participate into the tournament. Football teams participating included Camp office, Site office and coalition 6879-IDCJ.

Here are some photos taken from the tournament:


Mr. Phan Phuong Dong - Head of organization board declaring open the NIBELC super cup 2014 and encouraging Players to participate into the match with Fair Play spirit.

The 1st match: Camp Office and Coalition 6879-IDCJ

As official match schedule, fantastic battle between Camp Office and Coalition 6879-IDCJ was held on the afternoon of 20/12/2014. After the 1st round, Coalition 6879-IDCJ had taken a commanding 2-0 lead before recess. As soon as the referee's whistle announced the start of the second half, Players of both teams trying to score nice goals. At the end of the battle, Camp Office couldn't hide the sadness from their faces, esp. their captian Ho Van Thiem. The first battle ended with the score 6 to 4 in favor of Coalition 6879-IDCJ. Coalition 6879-IDCJ: 3 points, Camp Office: 0 point


The first match: Camp Office (the yellow) and Coalition 6879-IDCJ (the red)


Captain of Camp Office - Ho Van Thiem couldn't hide his sadness from his face.

The 2nd match: Site Office and Coalition 6879-IDCJ

The battle between the high assessed team - Site Office and Coalition 6879-IDCJ was held on the afternoon of 22/12/2014. Site Office team was a continuous menace to Coalition 6879-IDCJ's defence, unfortunately, the goals weren't scored because of the goalposts and crossbar. Finally,the battle ended with the score 3 to 0 in favor of Coalition 6879-IDCJ. Coalition 6879-IDCJ: 3 points, Site Office: 0 point


The second match: Site Office (the white) and Coalition 6879-IDCJ (the red)

The 3rd match: Camp Office and Site Office

Although both Camp Office and Site Office were defeated by Coalition 6879-IDCJ, two team played with the highest spirit to win the game. After 2 tight round, the finally score was 5-5. 

So, the first season of the NIBELC super cup had its reason such as: Coalition 6879-IDCJ got 6 points and became the NIBELC super cup CHAMPIONS, Site Office took the second place and Camp Office took the last one.


Camp Office  team was a continuous menace to Site Office team. It was the reason why goalskeeper - Van Anh had to struggle to keep the goals out

Closing and adwards ceremony of the NIBELC super cup 

The NIBELC super cup 2014 tournament ends with the victory of Coalition 6879-IDCJ team. As the champions of the tournament, Coalition 6879-IDCJ got the champions cup, flag and adwards.

Site Office team got the flag and adwards for the second place.

Camp Office team got adwards for the third place and Player Duong Thanh Son were honor to got the prize "King of Soccers" with 6 beautiful goals.

The highest place of NIBELC super cup 2014 belongs to Coalition 6879-IDCJ team. By the way, King of this tournament is not only the champions cup but also the spirit of teammates from 3 football teams.

Although the NIBELC super cup 2014 tournament had closed NIBELC staffs, esp. players participating into matchs wouldn't forget nice memories of beautiful goals with both sadness and happiness. Hoping that NIBELC group's players will play better and have much more spectacular goals in next tournaments.


Coalition 6879-IDCJ team with the champion prize


Site Office team with the second prize

Other pictures taken from the battles:


Captain of Coalition 6879-IDCJ - Vuong Kha Hoang with the champion prize


Captain of Site Office - Pham Ngoc Trung and teammates with the second prize


Player Tran Xuan Long and Le Trung Kien were so happy with the second prize


All teams took the pictures for memories

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