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Together with trading, overseas study and training, manpower supply is considered as the VietMC-NIBELC’s keypoint. VietMC-NIBELC always attaches importance to and implement the Vietnam Government’s policies on encouraging, supporting in sending Vietnamese labors abroad for working, contribution to creating jobs, reducing unemployment rate, particularly in the rural and remote areas

The VietMC-NIBELC, with a group of officers with highly educated in entrepreneurship management, fluent in using foreign languages…., would be ready to meet most requirements from its partners. We always attach the importance to the human  resource as the key-point to the success of the company

Training is always considered as the decisive factor to the success in an enterprise. We understand that providing training to the labors would help skills, working abilities before going abroad for working. Thank for being well trained before going overseas, the labors will easily meet the arising demands on the requirement of the Employers. On its side, thank for working in the international environment, the labors would have opportunities to practice with their colleagues coming from different parts of the world. This would help labors, after completion of the contract, coming back home country with experiences that could contribute to the on-going national development.

We are already to co-operate with new domestic as well as foreign partners on basis of mutual benefits for together development.

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