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Ngày đăng: 16/07/2021 - Lượt xem: 1914

In June and July 2021, hundred employees of Nibelc Group departed and started working in Hungary. On the morning of July 1 2021, nearly 20 employees were at Nibelc's office in Hanoi, where the company's officer took laborers to be examined and tested for covid. Officers also advised laborers carefully about isolation as well as manners when working in Hungary, then went to the airport for exit procedures.

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Before workers flew to Hungary, partners in Hungary together with Nibelc Manpower Kft had carefully prepared dormitories, food, and necessities for workers isolating safely. Employees would stay in a modern dormitory, fully equipped with European standards.


Besides, Nibelc Group is also recruiting a variety of orders for labor export to Hungary and Poland, organizing online interviews daily so that Nibelc could meet the sudden demand of partners after Covid-19. At the same time, it also helps Vietnamese workers find jobs.

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In particular, employees will be supported 24/7 by Nibelc Manpower Contract Kft company in Hungary during the contract period, to ensure all rights and obligations for employees.

Hope that laborers will soon adapt to the new life and achieve interesting experiences when living and working in Hungary.

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