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The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2014 of International Manpower and Construction JSC. (NIBELC).
Ngày đăng: 13/06/2014 - Lượt xem: 2235

          At 8:30, 11th of June 2014, in Ha Noi Branch Office - 4th floor, Rainbow Building, Van Quan New Urban Area, Ha Dong Ward, Ha Noi City , International Manpower and Construction JSC. (NIBELC) solemnly held the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2014.

              Total of shareholders participated is 19 persons that hold 2,055,780 shares account accounting for 99.7% of total shares with voting right of the Company

            After the time of working responsibly and strictly in accordance with the Meeting agenda, the General Meeting of Shareholders discussed and agreed the key issues in business activities of the company with high voting level ( 100%). The contents are as follows:

I. Adopt the results of business activities in 2013 with the achievements:

 -  Revenue               : 144.45 bil VND (over the authorised capital of 20 bil VND in 2013);

 -  Investment of 30 bil VND in the construction of training school; purchasing mechanical equiments; buying office; creating assets for the projects; contributing in the member companies...;

 -  Settlement of over 16 bil VND of debt handed over by the ex- Board of Management ;

 -  Dividend payment          : 30%.

II. Adopt the business plan in 2014 with the key targets:

-  Targeted revenue     : 225 bil VND, increasing by 64,20% in comparison with the year of 2013;

-  Planned fund for salary payment: 100 bil VND;

-  Planned dividend payment     :  40% (over the new authorised capital of 30 bil VND as of 2014).

III. The Meeting also adopt some important contents as follows:

-   Adopt the report of the BOM on the management of business operation in 2013 and some major tasks in 2014

-   Adopt the report of General Director on the operating results in 2013 and business plan in 2014;

-   Adopt the report of the Supervisory Board on the performance evaluation of the BOM, managing work of General Director in 2013 and comment on the financial statements of the Company in 2013;

-   Adopt the report on tax inspector group of Ninh Binh provincial tax department's examination, inspection summary of the fiscal year 2013;

-   Adopt the report on the selection of an independent auditing firm in 2014;

-   Adopt the report on profit distribution and dividend payment for the fiscal year of 2013

-   Adopt the plan of profit distribution and remuneration for the BOM and Supervisory Board in 2014.

-   Adopt the proposal on BOM and Supervisory Board members voting for the period of 2014-2019;

-   Adopt of the proposal on amendment and supplement of the Company's charter.

IV. Development Orientation for 2014:

Develop more the fields  NIBELC is operating and recover investment capital to re-invest:

Vocational Training & Labor Export:

-   Expanding training industries and receiving partners for Japan trainees;

-   Testing the labor export model under overseas manpower contracting;

-   Developing the traditional markets based on building strategic – durable relationship with the big and trusted partners. Re-arrange, re-organize the Labor Export Dept. to operate more effective;

-   Promoting joint venture with the trusted partners in vocational training in order to attract supportive capital resource for vocational training, ordered vocational training/ meet clients’ demands and ability of providing employment to trainees after training.;

-   Pushing to complete the project of Service- Office- Dormitory - Lecture Hall- Training Center Complex. Seeking the investment opportunity in Ha Noi new Head Office.

Construction material exploitation and sales:

-   Successfully exploiting Ru Con Rock Mine with the plan of 1 mil tons target achievement  handing over to customer in the period of 2014-5/2015; initially recovering 200% of total investment and facilitate to develop stone products of 1x2 – 3x4, sub- base in 2015, 2016 for product value enhancement.

-   Completing the construction of professional management and manpower system for the projects of raw material exploitation (stone, sand) of the key projects in the future.

Domestic manpower contracting, Mechanical construction and Project service:

-   Successfully executing the project of manpower sub-contracting for Samsung Corporation at Son Duong, Vung Ang, Ha Tinh;

-   Seeking  and expanding other mechanical construction and project service project with Samsung and other contractors in Vung Ang and other projects;

-   Seeking and bidding for new contracts focusing on Korean, Japan and European investors in Vietnam.

-   Completing management system and being ready for professional manpower for the key projects that includes training personnel from Son Duong project and other sources;

-   Specializing further  in manpower subcontracting, set up associated plans of training and management to perform some specific fields of manpower subcontracting in construction diving – mechanical welding – high-tech pipe assembly.

The Meeting got consensus to vote for the new members of the BOM and Supervisory Board for the period of 2014-2019, including:

 Board of Management:

  1. Mr Phan Phuong Nguyen - Chairman
  2. Mr Pham Thanh Lam - Member
  3. Mr Bui Van Phuong - Member
  4. Mr Pham Huu Tung - Member
  5. Mr Doan Hoang Quan - Member

 Supervisory Board:

  1. Mr Phan Phuong Dong - Head of Supervisory Board
  2. Mr Luong Anh Son – Member
  3. Mr Vu Duc Lanh -  Member
  4. Mr Nguyen Phuong Hoan - Member

 The Meeting was successful and closed at 11:30 on the same day.

 Some photos of the Meeting:

 Anh 1.jpg

    The 2014 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders has the participation of most of the key shareholders of the Company

Anh 2.jpg

On behalf of the BOM, Chairman reports the result of  business operation management in 2013 and some major tasks in 2014

 Anh 3.jpg

General Director reports the operating results in 2013 and business plan in 2014

 Anh 4.jpg

              BOM members of the period 2014-2019 takes picture with the Company's shareholders and guests.

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