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NIBELC delivered the presentation of technical intern training program in Japan
Ngày đăng: 11/07/2014 - Lượt xem: 2159

          As per the invitation from the Leader of TODA Corporation, on the 2nd July 2014 the Representative of NIBELC did attend the presentation of training program for technical intern trainees which starting the long-term relationship between two companies. TODA Corporation is very interested in the quality and updated training programs of NIBELC and having their plan to receive NIBELC’s technical intern trainees for their domestic and international projects. NIBELC’s Delegation were received by Mr.Takamitsu Koga- Executive General Manager of Oversea Division, Mr.Chisato Oikawa – General Manager of Building Construction Department under the Oversea Division, Mr.Tadashi Nishimura –General Manager of Civil Engineering Department under the Oversea Division and the Representatives of the member companies and partners of TODA Corporation.



The presentation at TODA Corporation



  Representatives of MUKAI Corporation – NIBELC’s strategic partner of technical intern training– attended the presentation




Managing Director of MUKAI – Mr.Ikegami and Chairman of NIBELC – Mr.Phan Phương Nguyen are presenting the technical construction intern training program at NinhBinh International Vocational School

Amongst the activities in Japan at the beginning of July 2014, the Chairman of NIBELC continued having working sessions and meetings with Mr.Koji Suzuki – Counsellor for Global Strategies - Minister's Secretariat, Mr.Takaaki Kobayashi – Director of International Affairs Division, Land Economy and Construction and Engineering Industry Bureau– Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism to report the status of technical intern training and co-operation status with Japanese Fund of Construction Industry Promotion (FCIP) and Mukai Construction Company regarding training and assigning the technical intern trainees to Japan.

Many achievements were gained in the trip; NIBELC’s technical intern training program was highly appreciated by Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism and the companies; that brought many chances for NIBELC in cooperating with the prestigious Japanese partners in receiving the technical construction intern trainees in Japan and human resources for those Japanese companies’ projects in overseas countries.

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