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NIBELC trainees on the TAISEI Corporation's magazine - Success of the model Japanese-style training program in Vietnam
Ngày đăng: 19/08/2014 - Lượt xem: 2735

 The Project of Recreation of ITOYAGINZA Headquarter

 Japanese- style training method – initiating the model training program for Vietnamese trainees

 The training method has been recently using in Vietnam is the one applied for implementing construction project – the project of ITOYAGINZA Headquarter recreation, one of the chain ITOYAs’ stores – a stationery store in GINZA, TOKYO. And this method has initiated the model training program for technical trainees in Vietnam as well as is the milestone of training in the construction industry.


 Being the main contractor and received the consensus of stakeholders, TAISEI Corporation is taking responsible for designing and implementing. Besides, TAISEI Corporation is also cooperating and associating with MUKAI Construction Co., Ltd. in using construction experts of scaffolding field to deploy the work-study program for the trainees.

 The model training program has been proceeded with the key of “Promotion Council for training manpower of construction in Vietnam” which is established by Japanese construction companies and unions.

There is a strong demand for infrastructure development in Vietnam due to economic growth. The more technicians have knowledge of Japanese implementing method, the easier chance for them to be participated in the construction projects of Japanese companies in Vietnam. The target which is through the training and coaching the Vietnamese trainees will create an environment as the bridge for construction industry between 2 countries.

The project site is located at No.2-7-15 Ginza, Chuo district – the main aspect of Chuo district (the total area is 378m2). It will be estimated to accomplishin March 2015.The building is built by reinforced concrete. After finishing recreation, it will conclude 2 basements, 13 floors and 2 attics (the total area is 4149 m2). The height of the building is 66m. The building is also equipped earthquake early warning system. Mitsubishijisho will take responsible for designing CM.

Construction was started in September 2013. The Vietnamese trainees participatedin internship at that construction in January this year. TAISEI is the main constructor and prepared to arrange few months ago. Mr. Hiroshi Takashima, Branch Director of TAISEI in Tokyo, at Ginza building location,said that: “We have arranged to adjust, to prepare internal evaluation procedures till being received permission and must carefully proceed to propose regulation of high risk work.” All training document for new trainees, labor notebook and dispatcher training evaluation survey used within construction have to be translated into Vietnamese.

At construction area, it will have notice board of wearing the helmet for both trainees and current workers. Restricted areas will be defined by different colors which are intuitively recognizable. To enhance motivation, it will popularize specialized works used at construction as well as arrange the Vietnamese morning mass for trainees.

 Director Takashima said that: “preparing before working at construction needs to receive the sympathy and cooperation of commander. It can be affirmed that if stakeholders as ITOYA, MITSUBISHIJISHO have had consensus, the model construction will definitely built.

            Presently, there is from 1 to 4 trainees participating into the construction per day. Mukai is the company specializing in construction and Kashikura is the company specializing in carpentry industry. One Japanese commander will accompany with from 1 - 2 trainees. Before going to Japan, all trainees pre-trained at vocational training school in Vietnam. The commander of construction said that “They speak Japanese better than my imagination and all capturing well based knowledge of site technical”. Timely progress in work and receiving the certificate of completion of work will be the measure of technical proficiency of trainee that has improved.

            Mr Nguyen Van Que, a trainee trained by Mukai, who has entried into Japan in February 2013 told the reason why he participated into this model training program : “Because Japanese works wisely and accurately. I want to be able to gain such all high technical level”. Trainees have to obey practice classes, technical training and work at construction every day. Recently, melodies resound on the Morning mass helped to create heartened atmosphere in constructive environment.

           Trainees expressed the impression that is: “I was so surprised when directly approached to working method with safe and clean construction site and professional work which I have never seen in Vietnam.” and also expressed his interest that is: “After coming back to Vietnam, I will apply for Japanese companies to use all technical knowledge, skills which I have practiced in Japan. And I will transmit those knowledge to people in my country to contribute to the development of Vietnam

Trainees have undergone half year since working at construction. Director Takashima, assessed that: “The operation and management of construction will be no problem. I just hope that you will enhance the safety awareness which is the most important. And the successful effective will come”.

            Hopefully that in the future the other engineering professions shall be received efficiently Vietnamese trainees and it will bring the future of global constructive connectivity.

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