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Progress Update of Son Duong Port Project ( Vung Ang Economic Zone, Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam) in Jan and Feb 2014
Ngày đăng: 18/02/2014 - Lượt xem: 1400

Some pictures of updated progress and works of NIBELC's Son Duong Port Project in Jan-Feb/2014 are as follows:

Anh 1.png

Anh 2.png

           NIBELC workers are doing exercise in the early morning before working  

Anh 3.png

Anh 4.png

NIBELC workers gather to listen their daily work brief before working at site

Anh 5.png

                           Periodic labour safety class of NIBELC workers  

Anh 6.png

                                                          The Caisson on the FD ship

Anh 7.png

                     The Operation team is executing to carry the caisson to the FB ship

Anh 8.png

                           The FD ship is pulled out to the sea in order to get the caisson sunk

Anh 9.png

                              Concrete pump truck is pouring concrete in the steel support

Anh 10.png

      Concreting grid lane 1

Anh 11.png

Anh 12.png

                    The concrete pump truck is pouring concrete in the spout for loading up to the grid

Anh 13.png

Anh 14.png

                                                          Loading concrete up to the grid

Anh 15.png

Anh 16.png

Anh 17.png

                                          Folk-lift truck and crane team is getting steel loaded 

Anh 18.png

                                      Joining formwork for concrete support 

Anh 19.png

                                                          Finishing concrete block

Anh 20.png

Anh 21.png

Cleaning the site after finishing work

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