Mechanical/infrastructure/construction contractor and project services supply
Manpower subcontracting for the Project of Son Duong Sea Port - Vung Ang EZ, Ha Tinh, Vietnam.
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      ♣ With the capacity and experience in construction area, NIBELC and his biggest shareholder VIETMC provide full service for domestic construction projects. Currently, NIBELC has been supplying service for the construction project of Son Duong port, Vung Ang economic zone, Ha Tinh province, Vietnam.

     Son Duong Sea Port which is located in the middle of Hai Phong Port of the North and Da Nang Port of the Central with the area of 2,200 ha, is a main point of the East Asia shipping line that belongs to the international marine transportation route. This location delivers a very convenient position on the marine route between the Asia region and the other parts of the world , therefore has been planned to be built as an international large-scaled port.

      Son Duong Sea Port and Steel Mill Complex- a national key project in Vietnam- is developed by Hung Nghiep Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Limited Company with USD-7.8-bil investment amount for phase 1  and has been commenced on the 6th of July, 2008.

      In September, 2012, NIBELC won the bidding and started providing full service for the project of Son Duong Sea Port with 22 docks including office staff, project management unit (PMU), engineers , welders , divers, mechanics, machinery operators, crews ... and more than 1000 workers for all project items. NIBELC also offers a large number of machines and equipments such as excavators, wheeled loaders, crawler crane, dumping trucks , ... for the project . With a full-service management method, NIBELC established PMU and office at the site, organized accommodation in a dormitory with full of essential services such as cafeteria, medical service, supermarket, canteen, bread making section ... as well as shuttle bus from the dormitory to the site and vice versa that ensure full and comfortable working and living conditions for all the officials, engineers and workers .

       In this project, NIBELC is the first and only one now in Vietnam which can supply a full package of over 100 multinational maritime construction diver teams (Korean, Pilipino, and Vietnamese) together with supporting equipments. Through this project NIBELC has been qualified for more than 1000 technical labors with caisson producing and installation method that is a new technique for port project in Vietnam.

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Overview of the site of Son Duong Sea Port project

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NIBELC machinery operating at the site

♣ NIBELC-VIETMC has execute the recruitment, management and implementation of legal support services for foreign experts / foreign companies. Specifically, NIBELC-VIETMC has ​done ​the recruitment of Pilipino technicians and divers for Samsung C&T ‘s Son Duong project as requested.
NIBELC-VIETMC does the management, provision of meal – accommodation - medical – salary payment management services... for all the Korean and Filipino technical experts working for the project;
In addition, NIBELC-VIETMC supports the execution of legal procedures for work permits - temporary residence card for foreigners, 24/24 personal accident insurance, salary payment transfer, payment of tax ... to create the most favorable conditions for the Contractors of large industrial projects like Samsung can rely on the services provided by NIBELC-VIETMC; the execution of activities related to taking foreign experts to work for projects in Vietnam, making sure that they comply strictly with the laws of Vietnam. Therefore, they can save time, costs and focus on implementing successfully the project.
NIBELC-VIETMC also provides with investment surveying services of industrial projects, such as making industrial surveys and providing information of  requirements relating to the preparation process of a project (manpower source – device source - raw materials source...; legal policy, population / income / local labor’s skills status ...); Develops and prepares the temporary items for projects (temporary office, temporary housing ...); Supports visa procedures- airfare- booking of project sightseeing tours and other logistic activities.

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 Workforce  of NIBELC included engineers, welders, machenics, divers, workers, Korean experts, Pillipino divers … at the site.

IMG_0557.JPG  IMG_0588.JPG

Housing for Korean and Pilipino experts

xe.jpeg      xe1.jpg 

Transportation vehicle for foreign experts

IMG_0589.JPG    IMG_20.jpg

Dormitory for workers

Anh 12.jpg IMG_4.jpg

Canteen for workers

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Food delivery from Metro

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 Anh 15.JPG  IMG_1.jpg IMG_6.jpg           IMG_16.jpg

NIBELC shuttle bus for workers’ transportation

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IMG_0374.jpg IMG_0378.jpg

  Water treatment and Cooking system

ice.jpg          ice1.jpg

Ice processing system

PCCC 2.jpg PCCC 4.jpg

Fire fighting practice training

y tá 2.jpg   kham benh 3.jpg
Nurse team at site and camp and
Periodic health check-up activities

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