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Model of Employee Export of VietMC-NIBELC
Ngày đăng: 10/05/2011 - Lượt xem: 753

The quality of the human resources and supplying services of the VietMC-NIBELC has created fame for VietMC-NIBELC as the leading Multi-Business Corporation, a strong competitor not only at the construction fields but also at the manpower exporting aspects. The major project in Vietnam as well as at overseas construction is the linkage with the labor export of VietMC-NIBELC.

With its professionalism, particular in the activities, in all nations and regions that VietMC-NIBELC sends its employees to work with terms, VietMC-NIBELC has its own representative offices with the objectives:

-           To exploit and evaluate labors export contract with foreign partner in order to limit and prevent risk for employees.

-            To settle in time every arising disputes relating to the rights, benefits of the employees who work at the local country.

-          Do not recruit employees through intermediate agency but directly work with the local labor export steering Committees and the technical vocational schools with the motto: “Long term cooperation and ensure the prestige, to minimize risk for employees to put the benefit of the employees to the top priority”.

-          To inform timely for the local labor exporting steering Committees at various level and the families of the employees regarding the situation and condition of employees who work overseas.

-          Absolutely implement the model to consult, recruit, and train directly to bring employees to work with terms at overseas. To implement the management and undertake legislative responsibility with the employees since the date of intake the training course until the expiry date of the contract.

-          To publicize the whole expenditures that the employees have to pay. Besides announced expenditures and fees, the employees do not have to pay any other expenditures and costs.

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