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Welding-Fabrication Training Programs and Qualification
Ngày đăng: 10/05/2011 - Lượt xem: 877

Training Programs:

-          Tig, Mig, Mag Welding. Training all positions of welding from 3G to the international standards.

-          Fabrication, Pipe Fitter.

-          Construction

-          Machines operate and other construction equipment operators.

-          Foreign languages (English, Chinese, Japanese)

-          After graduation, students could be qualified for the jobs of the domestic and international standards meeting all requirements of employers from inside and outside country.

Standard to be applied into training program

So far, there are different types of standards (e.g. standard set up by Great Britain, France, Japan, Germany, and Korean Republic). Each standard is applied in commensurate with conditions of weather in each country and territory.

Among the above-mentioned standard, the welding standard set up by the USA is the most popular applied and our training centers are applying this standard (AWS – American Welding Standard) into the training activities.

Training ability

-          Welding: from 200 to 250 students/month (2000/year)

-          Fabrication: from 150 to 200 students/ month (1500/year)

-          Construction work: 500 students/ month

-          Machine operators: 100 students/ month

-          Foreign language: 500 students/month (3 month courses)

Partners have been doing business with

-          Chiyoda (S) Pte ltd

-          Chiyoda Chemical Engineering & Construction Co Ltd

-          Fujita – Bridgeton JV

-          Health Solutions Sdn Bhd

-          Hazama Corporation

-          Kajima Corporation

-          Kumgai Gumi co ltd

-          Mizutani Kenestsu Co Ltd

-          Mitsui Construction Co Ltd

-          Maeda Corporation

-          Miyama Developments Inc Guam

-          Obayashi Corporation Co ltd

-          Osaka Saiseki Company Ltd

-          Penta Ocean Construction Co. Ltd

-          Penang Development Corporation

-          Rinkai Construction Co Ltd

-          Sankyu ( S) Pte ltd

-          Saeki Kensetsu Kogyo Co Ltd

-          Singapore Takada Industries Sdn Bhd

-          Sri Takada Industries Sdn Bhd

-          Toyo Construction Co Ltd

-          Taisei Corporation

-          Taisei – Rotec JV

-          TH Corporation Guam

-          Repco Bank – India

-          Sunshine Group- India


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