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International Manpower and Construction JSC (NIBELC) is a state-owned company, established in 1968 and transformed to JSC Company in 2005.
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On receipt of recruitment authority, we published and an advertisement in the local and national newspapers to collect application of interested and qualified persons. Application thus received/ collected are scrutinized for short listing as per the requirements of the employer.
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The Vietnamese workers are renowned for dedication, honestly, hardworking and quality. With blooming job opportunities abroad, specially in the Middle East and other concerned Asia countries Vietnamese Human Resources became first choice due to their ability to perform assigned duty in an effective way
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The employer/ principle will formally issue a demand letter in favor of (International Recruitment Agencies) starting the job categories, number of workers required in each category, monthly salary, duration of contract and other amenities for workers such as food, medical, transport, air passage, accommodation, etc.
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So far, there are different types of standards (e.g. standard set up by Great Britain, France, Japan, Germany, and Korean Republic). Each standard is applied in commensurate with conditions of weather in each country and territory.
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The quality of the human resources and supplying services of the VietMC-NIBELC have created fame for VietMC-NIBELC as the leading Multi-Business Corporation, a strong competitor not only at the construction fields but also at the manpower exporting aspects
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International Manpower and Construction ., JSC (NIBELC)

Head Office: National Road 1A, Km 10 Ninh Binh - Ha Noi, Gia Tran, Gia Vien, Ninh Binh.
Hanoi Branch Office:4th Floor, Rainbow Building, New Urban Van Quan, Ha Dong, Hanoi.
Telephone: (84 - 24) 33113 686;     (84 - 24) 33113 688           
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